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Using a 5-Part Workplace Violence Response Model

Security, HR, and/or a threat assessment team can work together and use a five-step model to manage a current or former employee making threats. As with many dynamic situations involving the threat of workplace violence, there is no one perfect solution. These ideas, especially done in combination, can deter subjects from violence, both while they […]

Is It Always Necessary to Meet the Subject of a Threat Assessment?

We know it takes a team effort and a multidisciplinary approach to solve the complex problem of workplace violence prevention. Successful threat assessments require information and conversation. We must know as much as possible about the subject making the threat and his or her intended targets. And we must be able to ask questions, get […]

Using Employee Surveys to Measure Security Issues

It’s easy for security professionals to make assumptions about what their facilities need in terms of new security devices or policies. After all, that’s their business, right? In reality, they may have some gaps in their perceptions of what is best for the facility because they have not taken the time to ask the end-users—the […]

Is the Ratio of Police Officers to Security Officers Staying the Same?

To fight crime and protect people, property, and assets, we know there will always be more security officers than police officers in the United States. But the numbers of each are closer than you might expect. The need for this mutual partnership, offering support to each group’s specific duties and job requirements, must benefit from […]

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IT Salaries for 2016

by Sarah K. White It’s shaping up to be another great year for IT professionals. Salaries across a number of verticals are poised to increase, according to data from Robert Half Technologies. See salary ranges for popular technology jobs and how they’ve increased over 2015 numbers.

Looking for IT Talent? Look to LinkedIn®

by Clint Boulton There’s a global IT talent shortage, but IT leaders are finding help from an old mainstay: the professional social networking platform, LinkedIn. If you’re looking to hire (or be hired), LinkedIn can help, whether the company’s need is a brand new hire or an experienced CIO.

The Internet of Things Comes to Business

by Mary Shacklett The Internet of Things (IoT) is coming into play in a wide variety of industries, including transportation, health care, and factory maintenance. Here are 10 ways that IoT’s inroads are finding success.

Bring Your Team Together for Project Success

by Moira Alexander Helming IT projects has its own unique set of rewards and challenges. It’s a given that leaders need to recognize how (and why) their team members impact the overall success of a project—but the trickier aspect is determining what to do to unlock a team’s full potential.

IT Salaries by Industry

By Sarah K. White Businesses across all industries become more and more reliant on technology every day—and this means it’s a good time to be in the IT field. For 12 industries/job categories in particular, the average annual compensation is only going to increase for the foreseeable future.