A Clear and Present Danger: Domestic Violence in the Workplace

Coworkers can often be the perpetrators of workplace violence, but employers must also be aware of external threats from domestic abusers. If an employee reports that he or she is experiencing abuse at home, awareness and sensitivity on the part of the employer goes a long way. It’s a situation all too familiar to Lynn […]


Florida Continues to be Proactive in Cybersecurity

Governor Rick Scott calls for a new cybersecurity unit to be created to monitor security threats and suspicious activity, along with increased funds targeted specifically to protect against election tampering from outside hackers and cybersecurity training for state agency leaders.


Tapping into the Power of PoE

With an increasing amount of devices connected to the Internet, Power over Ethernet (PoE) has the potential to explode as an integral component to network infrastructure and electrical circuitry. Put all the positives together and you have a recipe for PoE technology to develop further, especially with the ratification of the 802.3bt standard, which promises […]

video streaming

Understanding the Dynamics of Streaming Video

Immediate access to video resources at any time from any location is driving the increased use of video streaming in the commercial enterprise security market. Organizations enlisting streamed video need to take into consideration a wide range of techniques and requirements.