Study Shows Employees Lack Awareness of Cybersecurity Threats

Nearly half (46%) of entry-level employees don’t know if their company has a cybersecurity policy, according to new research from Clutch, a B2B research firm. The study also suggests that more communication and training on cybersecurity policies is needed for employees.

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5 Important Login Lessons from Hawaii’s Missile Scare

Phones across Hawaii lit up at 8:07 a.m. on January 13 with an alert that a ballistic missile was hurtling toward the state. Two minutes later, Governor David Ige learned that the alert had been mistakenly sent. But it took another excruciating 15 minutes before he took to Twitter to clarify that there was “NO […]

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Crashed with a Character: The Apple Text Bomb

It’s an incredibly simple action that can crash any Apple device. A major flaw in iOS 11.2.5 causes the devices to completely shutdown when a certain Unicode symbol arrives via text message.

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Is Your Workforce Prepared for Emergencies?

A recent study by Rave Mobile Safety demonstrated some significant gaps in emergency preparedness. While 87% of respondents stated that they were aware of their workplace’s fire drill policy, only 57% of respondents indicated their workplace had preparedness drills in place for events such as hazardous materials incidents, weather alerts, and active shooter incidents.