Category: Emergency Preparedness

“It could never happen here” is not an acceptable attitude when it comes to emergency preparedness. Security professionals must be ready to work alongside other employees within the organization in the event of workplace accidents, medical emergencies, natural disasters, or incidents of violence.

Continuously Educating Companies, Employees, and Students on Violence Prevention

The near-constant prevalence of workplace and school violence shootings or mass attacks—occurring in the United States about every 4 or 5 weeks, according to the FBI—should give security and HR professionals the motivation they need to regularly train and remind employees and students about warning signs and how and who to report them to.


Terrorism Response Training Starts with Knowing the AMO

Stopping terrorism in this country starts with vigilance, the effective use of the right security deterrence equipment, and an understanding of these attackers’ motives, their use of preattack surveillance, and what can be done to disrupt, deny, stop, and capture them before they strike.


Massive Recall of Kidde Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguishers are an important part of emergency preparedness and must be in a proper working order at all times. A popular extinguisher brand, Kidde, has issued a recall of over 100 models with plastic handles—a defect has resulted in at least one death.


Library Active Shooter Incident in Clovis, NM

While mass shooting attacks in public places, offices, and on K–12 schools and college campuses are frequently in the news and more visible, a recent shooting at a city library offers a reminder of how these public facilities are vulnerable, because they can’t really pick their customers.


Hurricanes Make Office Buildings Hard to Secure

The arrival of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma just weeks apart have caused significant damage, loss of life, and housing and electrical power difficulties for those displaced in Houston, Florida, and other U.S. and tropical island locations in their paths. While emergency management officials put most of their efforts toward helping residents, security practitioners still must […]