Category: Security Hardware and Technology

The tools of the security trade are advancing at an extraordinary pace. We take a look at the latest security hardware and software, from malware and cyberattack detection to cameras to motion sensors. These articles will help you determine what gadgets may be best for your security strategy—and what will fit your budget.

College Preparatory School Ensures Students Catch the Message

Kent School officials did extensive research into innovative safety technology to help the Connecticut prep school effectively broadcast emergency communications. A Mass Notification System is now installed throughout the sprawling campus as part of an ongoing upgrade to Kent School’s fire detection and emergency communications systems.


Global Demand in Metal Detectors Good for the Industry

A recent report by Lucintel suggests that the global use of metal detectors in security functions may reach $1.6 billion by 2022, from a yearly growth potential of 5% from 2017 to 2022. The report covers the use of handheld and static or walk-through metal detectors by security providers as a response to more concerns […]


Are DIY Home Security Systems a Threat to the Major Players?

The continued emergence of low-cost, user-friendly, and self-installed home security systems is making it easier for consumers to steer away from the larger, established firms. Companies like and have made it easier for homeowners and apartment renters to install high-definition camera systems and alarm systems and get the benefits of active security monitoring, […]


Making Data Mean Something Valuable with Analytics

Video analytic tools help capture the full value of the investment made in an upgraded security system. A video surveillance system utilizing the intelligent data from video analytics is more efficient and reduces the workload on security staff. Video gets a bad rap for the amount of data that an enterprise has to deal with, […]