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Facebook Hit with Two More Data Breaches

This has not been a great year for social media giant Facebook: the Cambridge Analytica scandal, congressional hearings over privacy practices, and the lead-up to the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation rollout have thrust the company’s data collection practices into the spotlight. Not an enviable position for a company whose revenue model is based […]

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And Now for a Completely Different Kind of Mining Malware

As if you needed another reason to keep your kids away from your work-issued or small business machines. Cybersecurity firm Avast has discovered some basic, yet insidious, malware for the incredibly popular game Minecraft. According to its report, almost 50,000 accounts are infected.

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Tech Companies Sign Accord Regarding State-Backed Cyberattacks

On April 17, 2018, a group of 34 tech companies signed onto the Cybersecurity Tech Accord. A press release posted to the landing page of their website calls the pledge “a watershed agreement” among the companies, including Microsoft, Facebook, HP, and Nokia, to name a few. The accord is an attempt for these companies, whose […]

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Is There a Value to Professional Security Certifications?

The security world is full of professional certifications, ranging from the plethora of initials offered by ASIS, to homeland security designations, to a fraud examiner’s certification, to others related to crisis management, threat management, and even critical incident stress. Do the examination costs, recertification fees and costs, and study time make sense for security professionals […]

The Challenge of New Federal OSHA Guidelines for Workplace Violence Prevention

The federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has created new guidelines for workplace violence prevention, measurement, and response. Its purpose is to help organizations address when a workplace violence perpetrator violates OSHA’s well-known General Duty Clause (GDC), which says employees must protect their employees from all types of physical harm.

New TSA Travel Rules May Put Stress on U.S. Travelers Returning from Overseas

Recent changes and pending new ones in travel restrictions for airline passengers coming from certain Middle East countries have banned the possession of laptop computers inside the cabin of the plane. More changes may be forthcoming, including adding 71 additional international airports to the current list.

Ohio School District Allows Teachers, Staff to Be Armed

In what is a growing trend in some school districts across the United States, the school board for the Georgetown Village School District in Georgetown, Ohio, voted to allow its teachers and staff to be armed at work. All staff members who want to participate in this program will go through a 3-day firearms certification […]

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Employee Handbooks: The Vital Link in a Cybersecurity Chain

When it comes to cybersecurity, two factors are coming together in a worrying way. One lurks in the results of a survey, conducted by the Association of Corporate Counsel, that shows employee error is the leading cause of data breaches. The other was revealed in research carried out by CompTIA, which discovered that almost half […]