Fitbits and HIPAA—Wearable Technology and Data Security

Wearable tech has seen increased popularity but also increased scrutiny, particularly when it comes to privacy concerns. Even the devices built for simple fitness tracking are still subject to important safeguards. You’ve probably noticed more and more employees sporting Fitbit® devices lately—wearable gadgets that track everything from steps to sleep time to heart rate and […]

Technology Is Increasingly a C-Suite Issue

According to Deloitte’s report, “Disruption in the mid-market: How technology is fueling growth,” nearly half (48%) of mid-market executives surveyed indicate that their company’s leadership views technology as a “critical” differentiator and a key to growth, compared to 41% who said the same last year. “It is becoming harder and harder to separate technology from […]

Firm Provides IT Training Opportunities for Veterans, Other Employees

VETalent and VETNET are among the programs offered to veterans through Prudential Financial, Inc.’s Office of Veterans Initiatives, which “provides job training for sustainable careers in information technology and business operations for service members and their families.” “We’ve built an infrastructure that provides veterans and military spouses access to quality education, job training, and employment […]

Study Says Millennial Workforce Is Driving Corporate IT Strategy

IT executives across the country report that the surge of Millennials in the workforce is reshaping business environments and driving IT departments to adapt their infrastructures with Millennial-friendly technologies, including mobility, cloud, big data, and social media. According to a new study by Randstad Technologies and IDG Research Services, two-thirds of IT leaders say they […]

10 Hurricane Tips for IT

According to the National Hurricane Center, the Atlantic and Eastern Pacific hurricane seasons don’t end until November 30 … so we’re not out of the woods yet. We have 10 tips for every IT department that’s looking to minimize the risk to its business. Hurricanes and other natural disasters can cause power outages and can […]

The 8 Worst Computer Viruses in History

Perhaps calling them the worst viruses in history is a bit of a stretch (after all, new viruses and data breaches are making new “history” every day), but they certainly did their share of damage. With cybersecurity remaining a top concern of IT professionals, the infographic below from Who Is Hosting This? outlines famous viruses […]

Make Yourself an Indispensable Employee

IT is a necessity and a mainstay in nearly every modern business, but how can you, as an IT leader and as an employee, become indispensable? Dan Oswald, the CEO of BLR, reflected upon this in a blog post, wherein he discussed 10 notable habits of extremely valuable employees. Some of these habits include: