A Clear and Present Danger: Domestic Violence in the Workplace

On Monday, November 19, emergency room doctor Tamara O’Neal was shot outside her workplace, Mercy Hospital & Medical Center on Chicago’s south side. According to sources, the shooter, Juan Lopez, was angry with her over a broken engagement, leading to yet another workplace active shooter situation. While coworkers can be the perpetrators of workplace violence, […]

Worker at desk with a security camera pointed at him

Understanding Surveillance in the Modern-Day Workplace

More and more, security executives are working with the C-suite to implement surveillance tools to track and predict their employees’ performance, as well as to seek ways to improve employee productivity and overall organizational profitability. But such surveillance and monitoring tools can also be intrusive and detrimental if they’re not used and implemented properly.

Semi Trailer Corrosive Warning Placard

Hazmat Transportation Security, Part 2: More Scenarios

If your organization offers or transports certain hazardous materials (hazmat), it may be required to develop and implement a Hazardous Materials Transportation Security Plan. On Friday we discussed the conditions that would trigger the requirement to develop and implement a Security Plan and described one scenario where a Security Plan would be required unless the company took […]

Hazmat truck

Hazmat Transportation Security: Does Your Company Need a Plan?

It’s not often that security pros think about hazardous materials (hazmat). But if your organization offers or transports certain hazmat, you may be required to develop and implement a Hazardous Materials Transportation Security Plan. In addition, Security Plan training is required for each hazmat employee whose employer is required to have a Security Plan. Let’s […]

Fraudulent Wire Transfer

Are Your Employees Ready to Deal with an E-mail Compromise Attack?

Most workers are familiar with or have at least heard of phishing attacks by now. Despite their varying levels of complexity, they share a core commonality: External threat actors pretending to be someone they are not (i.e., foreign dignitary, third-party vendor) to trick an employee into turning over their access credentials, click a malicious link, […]

Sensing system and wireless communication network of vehicle.

Is Your Vehicle a Target for Hackers?

Cybersecurity threats are nothing new to security teams. 1 in 13 web requests lead to malware. 24,000 malicious mobile apps are blocked every day. We work with our executive teams and train our employees in security awareness to avoid careless mistakes. But there’s one huge thing we’re ignoring — and that’s our cars.