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Agile IT Comes to Outsourcing

Agile management styles are becoming increasingly important in the business landscape, including within IT. It’s now beginning to affect IT outsourcing. One tech writer argues that the outsourcing process doesn’t have to be a marathon if you invest time and effort preparing for a more iterative transaction process.

Stephanie Overby writes, “Traditionally, IT organizations have spent six months to a year or more on the IT outsourcing transaction process, finding the right providers and negotiating a suitable contract. But as IT services—and, increasingly, as-a-service—deals have gotten shorter, that lengthy process may no longer make sense.

“Industry advisors and consultants have debated the potential benefits of speedier sourcing for several years. In today’s rapidly changing business and technology landscape, it may become an imperative. But an effective outsourcing engagement demands more than just an accelerated version of the traditional IT services transaction process.

“‘Typical attempts to speed up the process include leaving out important activities or rushing to a solution to meet completion dates or budget objectives. In some cases, activities that are skipped can be picked up and completed during transition,’ says Michele M. Miller, director of KPMG’s Shared Services and Outsourcing Advisory. ‘However, we find that in most cases these activities are never completed and result in lost value and dissatisfaction in the outcome of the outsourcing project.’”

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