Asset Management

Does Your CEO Understand the Data Center?

By Mary Shacklett

The executive team at your company has a lot to worry about, from balancing budgets to organizational business strategy and investments. Things can get more complex when data centers come into the mix, so you should know how to talk to your CEO so that he or she recognizes data centers for the important assets that they are.

Mary Shacklett writes, “The data center is a major corporate asset and expense. There are online calculators intended to help organizations determine from a cost standpoint whether it is more advantageous to build or outsource their data center. With public cloud solutions playing growing roles in enterprises, there are initiatives afoot to eliminate spend on internal IT facilities. Nevertheless, the bottom line for most enterprises is that there will be a persistent need to keep some, if not all, mission-critical IT assets in-house in data centers.

“This brings us to the disconnect between the CEO and the data center.

“Jeff Klaus is general manager of Intel DCM, which provides data center management solutions. He said C-level executives need to understand the role of the data center in their companies by seeing how it helps the company avoid costs, what the other alternatives were, and how the data center came to the rescue.

“‘A great engineer or IT department can illustrate and clearly articulate the magic they craft in the background and how much that helps their organization financially,’ Klaus said.

“But to do this, executives in charge of the data center need to change the way they speak.”

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