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Managers Must Advocate for Top Talent

Managers, including IT leaders, work hard to make sure that they are acquiring and retaining top talent in order to make their teams the best that they can be. It’s important to never stop advocating; here’s how to go about it.

Mary Shacklett writes, “LinkedIn reports that, in 2017, 58% of U.S. recruitment firms are experiencing major challenges with talent acquisition. In this battle for talent, CEOs and chief HR officers discuss ‘competitive edge’ factors for recruitment like an attractive company culture, but on a daily basis, these individuals are far too removed from company operations to witness the first-hand impact of a talent gap that their line managers are experiencing.

“Because managers see these workforce talent gap issues, they can’t afford to operate in a ‘heads down’ fashion. Instead, managers should be advocating for talent recruitment or enrichment when they see the first signs of workforce talent shortages—and they should be doing their part to retain the talent that they have.

“Here are five major factors in talent attraction and retention that managers should be paying attention to:

“Compensation. If you’re trying to hire or retain systems infrastructure, database, data scientists, or applications developers and you’re planning your budget, it’s critical to research the job market. Payscale is a good salary research source to start with.

“If your research reveals find that your compensation packages aren’t keeping pace, you should plan meetings with your superiors and HR to advocate for upgraded compensation packages in advance of your budgetary planning cycle. Managers should also make it a point to review job descriptions of the people working under them at least annually (this is a task that many managers fail to keep up with). Even if your management role is over a function where you don’t need highly skilled specialists, your best employees are going to be in demand, and a superior compensation package could lure them away.”

Read on for the rest of the five major factors in talent attraction and retention.