Asset Management

Take Back Control from Shadow IT

By Ryan Francis

Shadow IT is a dangerous practice, and it’s on the rise. In order to wrest back control from shadow IT’s influence, IT leaders must learn how to discover those employees who went roaming for outside services—and how to point them in a different direction.

Ryan Francis writes, “‘Shadow IT’ refers to the too-common practice whereby managers select and deploy cloud services without the consent or even the knowledge of the IT department. These services act as extensions of the corporation but are steered entirely by groups that lack the knowledge or process to ensure they follow necessary guidelines, introducing security, compliance, and brand risk throughout the enterprise. Gartner predicts that by 2020, one-third of security breaches will come in through shadow IT services.”

The first three steps Francis outlines for regaining control from Shadow IT are:

  • Understand your users’ motivations.
  • Know who’s sending e-mail.
  • Reach out.

View the full slide show of all 8 steps with more details.