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Terminating an IT Employee

Firing an employee is stressful for everyone involved, including leaders—and IT is no exception. In fact, many termination issues are compounded when the employee in question works in the IT department. Here are a few key factors for IT managers to keep in mind.

Mary Shacklett writes, “IT is a high risk area when employees are terminated.

“One reason is that employees who work in IT, and who must be dismissed, have access to vital corporate information. These employees have the potential to shut down systems or leave with information that could do irrevocable harm.

“Consequently, corporate policies state—and auditors recommend—that when an IT employee must be terminated, it is best to escort the employee immediately off the premises after they’ve been told they’ve been terminated. Meanwhile, IT staff should be directed delete all the employee’s accounts and access to systems right away.

“Once an involuntary termination is put in motion, the immediacy of the act is unceremonious to say the least. It can have an adverse impact on other employees who witness the sudden and unforeseen escort of a fellow worker off the premises, followed by a system lockdown where the employee is concerned.

“All of these are reasons why managers hate to terminate employees—and why CIOs must be both supportive and engaged with their line managers if it becomes necessary to dismiss an IT staff member.”

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