Category: Asset Management

IT management extends beyond just the information technology team and its unique pool of company resources. IT leaders must also establish and build relationships with vendors (not to mention negotiate), oversee purchases, plan for capacity, and address service level agreements both internally and externally. These articles have all of this plus basic management tips.

Managers Must Advocate for Top Talent

Managers, including IT leaders, work hard to make sure that they are acquiring and retaining top talent in order to make their teams the best that they can be. It’s important to never stop advocating; here’s how to go about it.

Fix Your Project’s Scheduling Conflicts

Every project comes with the risk of scheduling conflicts that will create troublesome, unforeseen complications. Read on to see what several project managers have to say about how they avoid these scheduling issues.

Terminating an IT Employee

Firing an employee is stressful for everyone involved, including leaders—and IT is no exception. In fact, many termination issues are compounded when the employee in question works in the IT department. Here are a few key factors for IT managers to keep in mind.

Retain IT Workers with Pay Transparency and Equity

A recent report on compensation best practices shows that pay transparency and pay equity are key for organizations to build more trusting relationships with their employees. However, this may be a difficult pill for some employers to swallow.

Company Climate Surveys: Do They Work?

There is certainly an upside to company climate surveys—feedback from employees can provide valuable insight. However, these surveys are only beneficial if respondents are honest, and sometimes leaders must overcome a lot of fear among employees to get to that level of open honesty.

Managing Your IT Outsourcing Contracts

Without dedicated, ongoing governance, carefully negotiated and documented rights in an outsourcing contract run the risk of not being enforced. When that happens, the relationship that develops may look nothing like what you envisioned. Here are some tips for managing your outsourcing.

Agile IT Comes to Outsourcing

Agile management styles are becoming increasingly important in the business landscape, including within IT. It’s now beginning to affect IT outsourcing. One tech writer argues that the outsourcing process doesn’t have to be a marathon if you invest time and effort preparing for a more iterative transaction process.

Take Back Control from Shadow IT

By Ryan Francis Shadow IT is a dangerous practice, and it’s on the rise. In order to wrest back control from shadow IT’s influence, IT leaders must learn how to discover those employees who went roaming for outside services—and how to point them in a different direction.

Do You Consider Your Employees’ Mental Health?

By Rob Enderle Too often, leaders don’t invest in employee mental health—and it’s bad for business. A series of studies shows that Millennials and CEOs have something in common on the mental health front: depression. Not addressing the issue, argues one writer, is just plain stupid management.

Avoid Hiring Bad Managers

By Mary Shacklett Bad management can’t be dismissed as merely an unpleasant experience that is a simple fact of life. Ineffective managers can drive productivity down and turnover up. As the leader of your IT department, you must ensure that the right people get hired or promoted.