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IT management extends beyond just the information technology team and its unique pool of company resources. IT leaders must also establish and build relationships with vendors (not to mention negotiate), oversee purchases, plan for capacity, and address service level agreements both internally and externally. These articles have all of this plus basic management tips.

Are You Managing Projects or Just Keeping the Peace?

By David Cotgreave Do you spend all your time handling internal politics and conflict instead of the project at hand? If this is an all-to-common frustration of yours (as it is with many IT leaders), you need to take steps right away to correct the issues and get your team back on the productivity track.

Tips for Managing Multiple Teams

By Sarah K. White IT leaders are often charged with managing a variety of employees, groups, and assets—and managing multiple teams and personalities is no easy task. Read on to find out about four management tips that you can employ in order to lighten the burden.

There’s a Lot of Love for Freelance IT Workers

By Sarah K. White The rise of the gig economy has resulted in a large number of highly qualified freelance workers, and once you find reliable freelancers, you won’t want to stop there. How can you build and retain a good stable of freelance IT workers? Keep reading for a few tips on the matter.

Management Trends to Keep an Eye On

By Sharon Florentine Being a leader in the corporate world necessitates staying up to date on current management trends, and workforce management and human capital management (HCM) will continue to evolve in 2017. Read on for one tech writer’s take on five trends to watch for in the coming year.

IT Outsourcing Trends for this Year

By Stephanie Overby Over the last several weeks, we’ve been reviewing numerous predictions that may affect IT in 2017, and outsourcing is one area that has the potential to be greatly affected. The very idea of outsourcing may be facing major shakeups—see 10 trends that IT leaders should be watching in the new year.

‘Feedback Culture’ Is on the Rise

By Sarah K. White Performance reviews are almost universally hated by employees and managers, so it’s not surprising to see more companies moving away from traditional practices and embracing a culture of consistent feedback. Would a new performance review strategy be appropriate for your IT department?

Brain-Teasing Questions for Your Next IT Interview

By Alison DeNisco Many tech companies, particularly Google, are famous for asking odd brainteaser questions during interviews. True, asking a candidate how many golf balls fit in a school bus may seem arbitrary, but if brainteaser questions are done right, they can be helpful in determining the right candidate for your IT department.

Tech Talent Wars Kill Innovation

By Alison DeNisco In a recent survey, the majority of hiring managers said a lack of tech talent is hurting business. Lost revenue, slow product development, and employee burnout are among the negative effects of the tech talent war, and innovation is losing ground as a result. How can IT leaders gain the advantage?

Why Not Recruit a Hacker?

By Stacy Collett The stereotype of the hacker as the bad guy is losing favor, and there has been a spike in job postings directed toward hackers in order to gain their valuable cybersecurity expertise. Could having a hacker on staff in your IT department help you stay one step ahead of the real cybercriminals?