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opioid opiate addiction drugs

Public Businesses Face Opiate Overdose Response

If your firm serves the public, in a retail environment or as part of a nonprofit or government agency, you already know you must have plans, policies, procedures, and patience when dealing with their occasional behavior issues. These can range from theft, violence threats, crimes, or even on-site medical emergencies. With opiate use and addiction […]

Blockchain Encryption Keys

Survey finds that Blockchain and Cryptocurrency are Having Impacts on Accounting and Finance Departments

Blockchain has been making plenty of headlines this year and is beginning to disrupt how business is conducted. Accordingly, it’s also placing additional demands on accounting and finance functions. Cryptocurrency is the major source of these changes which, according to 50% of financial leaders in a Robert Half Finance & Accounting survey, will become at […]

Detecting Deception During Employee Misconduct Interviews and Interrogations

Employees caught up in the stress of a discussion about their potential misconduct can exhibit certain specific semantic behaviors and word choices as they tried to lessen, hide, or distract the security investigator from asking hard questions to discover the real truth. The discussion often shifts from an interview—which you do with all involved employees […]

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Cyberattacks on Healthcare Industry Point to Ongoing Need for Training

Healthcare facilities all over the world tend to be reliable soft targets for cybercriminals. This is often due to the industry’s reliance on outdated or improperly patched hardware and software, making it easier for threat actors to find their way into the network. The fallout from a successful attack is also potentially devastating, given the […]

Man Puts Mobile Phone Into Tray For Airport Security Check

TSA Working Group Suggests Eliminating Screening at Smaller Airports

A recent proposal from a working group of 20 Transportation Security Administration (TSA) employees suggests that the agency could end the screening of passengers at over 150 small- to mid-sized airports across the country. The group suggests that the cost-saving measure could provide an additional $115 million annually, which could be used to bolster security […]

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6 Reasons Why CIOs Need a Personal Knowledge Base

Most companies understand the need for a knowledge base—it’s essentially a virtual warehouse that stores important information, lessons, and tips your company has gathered over the years. However, just as important as it is to have a public, online knowledge base software, keeping a private, internal knowledge base is equally important.

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Criminals Looking for Bitcoin are Taking the Road Less Traveled

This seems to be a busy week for some interesting attempts at social engineering through snail mail. Reports from earlier this week outlined the random campaign by (apparently) Chinese cybercriminals sending out malware-laden compact discs to state and local government agencies. On Wednesday, Kent German presented his tale of being extorted for bitcoin via letter […]

HTTP Not Secure

Google Chrome Now Labels HTTP Pages as Not Secure

This week, the most widely used browser in the world got a sorely needed upgrade. As of July 24, 2018, users who have updated to version 68 of Chrome will now see sites using the unencrypted hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP) marked as not secure by default. This is an important step, and one that most […]