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Smart city and global network concept.

The Increasing Importance of Security Integration

One of the best parts about gearing up for the Total Security Summit happening June 25-26 in Plano, Texas has been engaging with event speakers. The breadth and depth of their knowledge has opened the doors to some truly interesting conversations. I recently chatted with Terry Gold, the founder and principal analyst at D6 Research […]

Man and robotic machine work together inside industrial building. The mechanical arm performs welds on metal components assisted by a worker who in turn manages welds manually.

Report Shows that Manufacturers Have Been Slow to Adopt Internet of Things Technology

As technology developers continue to grow the internet of things (IoT), they create and provide new solutions that can help manufacturers improve customer service, field and plant maintenance work, inventory management, and more. However, a survey conducted by professional services firm Sikich for their 2018 Manufacturing Report found that fewer than 10 percent of respondents […]

Best Practices for Successful Surveillance Operations

Surveillance operations may be required by security practitioners, private investigators, or corporate security investigators. These field activities may be to prove employee theft or fraud, workers’ compensation fraud, or even to stop a potential workplace violence attack. Successful surveillance requires preparation.

Using a 5-Part Workplace Violence Response Model

Security, HR, and/or a threat assessment team can work together and use a five-step model to manage a current or former employee making threats. As with many dynamic situations involving the threat of workplace violence, there is no one perfect solution. These ideas, especially done in combination, can deter subjects from violence, both while they […]

Security Fever: NSA Releases Cold-War Era Internal Educational Posters

The National Security Agency (NSA) has gotten a great deal of press coverage since the turn of the 21st century. Chelsea Manning, Edward Snowden, and Reality Winner have all kept the agency in the headlines recently, after essentially operating in silence since the agency’s last big data breach scandal (The Falcon and The Snowman) in […]

Security Professionals Can Help HR with ‘Soft Landing’ Criteria

Employees who have been terminated for workplace violence threats or similar security policy violations can feel like their lives are over after they are dismissed. Forward-thinking organizations must have what are called “benevolent severance packages” in place to offer employees who feel they have no hope. This offer of benefits can help the now ex-employee […]

Handling Disruptive People in Public Spaces

Certain facilities have an “invitee relationship” with the public, and they actively encourage people to use their hotels, bars, restaurants, movie theaters, or nightclubs. Beyond just the hospitality industries, other public facilities include hospitals and medical clinics, stores and malls, churches, libraries, and parks. Security managers and their officers need to know how to use […]