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Security is constantly evolving, and it’s important for professionals to stay up to date. We provide the latest news, opinions, trends, case studies, strategies, and legislative and regulatory developments that could have an impact on the field.

Security Podcaster Blazes the Trail for Information, Awareness

Chuck Harold’s career took him from law enforcement to the security industry, and he now works as a security consultant and pioneering podcaster. He hosts his national “Security Guy Radio” podcast every Monday at 7:00 p.m. Pacific time. Harold has recorded over 600 episodes, and his guests have included a wide range of security experts […]

Tapping into the Power of PoE

With an increasing amount of devices connected to the Internet, Power over Ethernet (PoE) has the potential to explode as an integral component to network infrastructure and electrical circuitry. Put all the positives together and you have a recipe for PoE technology to develop further, especially with the ratification of the 802.3bt standard, which promises […]

DIY Home Security Market Continues to Grow

The days of seeing a panel van with the ladder on the roof rack and a well-known alarm company brand name printed on the side, driving down the highway, enroute to install an expensive home security system, may be coming to a slow end. Consumers are becoming more selective about vendors and want to put […]

Al-Qaeda Uses Its Inspire Magazine to Teach, Recruit, Scare

The use of printed propaganda from warring nations is not new, but the emergence of groups like Al-Qaeda and ISIS using an extensive array of social media postings and creating printed matter to be distributed is both novel and alarming. Al-Qaeda’s publication of a glossy magazine they call “Inspire,” is used to educate potential recruits, […]

Long Past Time for National Security Guard Licensing Standards

Licensing requirements for security officers varies around the United States from nothing to a lot. The lack of federal or state oversight for the licensing of armed security officers varies similarly, with even more rules for armed, exposed firearms permits versus armed, concealed permits for security officers working corporate or undercover functions.

The Amazon Effect on Security

The new Amazon Package Delivery service inside the home is not only bringing attention to the growing problem of package delivery theft. The program is also accelerating video surveillance and access control acceptance to a much wider audience.