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After Police Incident, Nurses Group Calls for Action

You probably recall the incident in which a Salt Lake City Police Department officer forcibly arrested a nurse who refused to let the officer take blood from an unconscious patient. Now, the American Nurses Association (ANA) is calling on the department to conduct a full investigation, make amends to the nurse, and take action to […]

Security Spotlight: Education

To be effective places of learning, educational facilities must be safe at all times. We’ve rounded up our latest pieces on security in education alongside information on several upcoming events that can help you in security efforts at your school, college, or other educational institution.

Security Spotlight: Healthcare Industry

Security is a constant concern for healthcare professionals and those charged with their daily safety. Take a look at some of our latest pieces on security in the healthcare industry as well as new information on several upcoming events that can help you in your healthcare facility security efforts.

Mexico Homicide Rate Worrying for Business Travel

Besides being a fun tourist destination for visitors from the United States and around the world, Mexico has the unfortunate distinction of being one of the most dangerous countries on the globe. With a homicide rate of 23,000 in 2015, it has the world’s worst murder count, with no end in sight.

U.S. Capitol Police Dealing with More Threats to Congress

The June 14 shooting of Congressman Scalise and four others at an Alexandria, Virginia baseball field is a reminder of the growing number of threats that elected officials face at all levels of government, from federal to local. The gunman was killed by two special agents from the U.S. Capitol Police.