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Budgeting on a companywide basis is a must-have skill for today’s IT leaders. IT is often viewed as a cost center—so how can you show management that your department can make money for the company? We have resources including new books on the subject, other finance resources, and accounting basics (such as EBITDA and CAPEX) to help you keep your IT team’s finances in order.

Shrink Your Budget, Not Your Forward Progress

By Jack Wallen IT leaders are often put in the position where they must shrink their budget. Naturally, they want to accomplish this without halting progress their department is making or endangering their staffs’ jobs—or their own. It can be a difficult numbers game, but it’s possible to make it work.

IT Spending Strategies

By Mary Shacklett When it comes to IT spending, too many companies try to run before they can walk, expediting projects and new technology investments so they can more quickly demonstrate the value of these initiatives. However, it may be smarter in many cases to slow IT spending, optimize budgets, and control costs.

IT Budgets May Tighten in 2017

By Brandon Vigliarolo A recent poll predicts that IT budgets will either stagnate or drop slightly in the new year. The reasoning behind it is somewhat unexpected—it seems that tech decision makers are being more heavily influenced by politics and economic woes than previous years. How do you think your budget will be affected?

Don’t Burn Your Budget! Vetting Tech Investments

By Mary Shacklett Your IT budget is precious, and you must ensure that there aren’t any needless expenditures. If you aren’t already vetting your IT purchases, it’s time to get started. The IT department, the CEO, and other business decision makers can all come together to help, and it’s good for both individual budgets and […]

Securing Funding for IT Projects

By Bart Perkins Shoestring budgets are a constant complaint of IT leaders, and often, when they are shorted during the annual budgeting process, they feel their only option is to wait until next year. However, if your case is compelling, you can secure IT funding at almost any time; there’s usually money to be had.

Budget Management Tips for New IT Leaders

By Mary Shacklett For newly minted IT managers, the task of handling a budget can be more than a little intimidating. Whether you’re a freshly promoted leader or a veteran pro, we have a few budgeting best practices that can help the IT department manage their money matters.

Evaluating Your Virtual Technology Investments

By Mary Shacklett Evaluating whether your investments in virtual technology are paying off requires a much different approach than determining the value and effectiveness of your physical assets. Take a look at an assessment of the value, cost, and impact of these technologies.

Playing the IT Budget Game

By Mathias Thurman When it’s time for the budget games to begin, IT leaders must fight for every cent they can—important issues like cybersecurity are not always understood or valued by decision makers holding purse strings. However, even if top management is educated and on board, IT must be prepared for budget meetings.

Outsourcing—Are You Paying Too Much?

By Peter Bendor-Samuel Outsourcing has taken a prominent role in IT, but IT leaders must remain vigilant. Budgets remain tight, but too often “outsourcing bloat” may be overlooked while trying to get all of the manpower onboard to complete a project. Is outsourcing bloat a factor in your IT department?

IT Outsourcers’ Cost-of-Living Adjustments

By Stephanie Overby It’s important to keep your IT outsourcing staff happy to ensure they’re putting their best effort forward on your account. Cost-of-living increases are meant to keep these workers happy—but, in fact, only some of that money makes it into their pockets. The good news is that the situation can be fixed.