Category: Help Desk Administration

Problems pop up in day to day operations, and the help desk is on the front lines of finding solutions. IT needs to oversee the management of corporate help desk activities and ensure a thorough knowledge of corporate and consumer equipment/software. The help desk can also be a source of tips and tricks to impart to other employees, and we have some of those as well.

Watson Comes to the Help Desk

Is there anything that Watson can’t do? The supercomputer is now headed to the help desk. IBM’s new Workplace Support Service with Watson adds cognitive capabilities and analytics to help speed IT support time for businesses.

Best Practices in Tech Support

Good tech support doesn’t just improve an end user’s day—it’s also helpful to the entire business’s productivity and bottom line. Based on years of experience, technical support professionals and executives have collected several best practices. Put them into use at your help desk today.

IT Incidents: How to Prioritize and Escalate

By Ant Pruitt Prioritization of IT incidents is always a challenge for the help desk—especially when an end user considers his or her problem to be much more pressing than it actually is. IT requests range in severity and priority, but sometimes support incidents must be escalated for the sake of the user and the […]

Helping Out the Help Desk

By Sarah K. White Customers and end users are constantly in need of IT assistance, and it can be overwhelming for the help desk. A recent study analyzed nearly 730,000 help desk tickets and found that there were certain overlaps. Knowing the most common reasons for these requests can be helpful to lighten the overall […]

Call Center Roles Are Coming Back Stateside

By Stephanie Overby Call center jobs have been a huge casualty of outsourcing, but recent research is showing that some of these roles are coming back onshore thanks to a shift in focus to customer experience and advances in technology. If your call center or help desk is currently outsourced, read on to see if […]

Beyond the Reboot—Providing Better Tech Support

By Ant Pruitt Automation has helped many business processes, but one area it has hindered is the help desk. Too often tech support functions have become dependent on scripts or robots, and one tech writer suggests that there’s a lot more to this important job than just telling end users to reboot.

Helping Users Help Themselves

by Sharon Florentine It’s always great when users can help themselves without crossing that line into shadow IT. Your IT department can relieve some of its day-to-day pressures via a high-quality, self-service knowledge base search. If users can easily find the information they need, it’s one less thing for everyone to worry about.