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Planning and implementing additions, deletions, and major modifications to the supporting infrastructure companywide is always complex and challenging. Here you can find info on current practices along with articles to help you anticipate future network needs and identify proactive solutions to satisfy those needs.

Setting Up a Small Business Server Room

Some small businesses may be wary of relying on third-party online service providers for their business data storage. It can be relatively simple for these organizations to set up their own server room instead.

Using Packet Capture in the Public Cloud

By Keith Townsend Packet capture is normally a tool of last resort in the private data center, but some organizations may want to consider it as a first stop in public cloud. Read on to see why packet capture and analysis tools are helpful in public cloud operations and migration.

Have You Automated Your Network Yet?

By Ryan Francis If not, maybe you should. There is evidence that by implementing automation tools and practices, your networks can better withstand modern workloads, provide a new level dynamism and speed, and cut costs. Take a look and see if this course of action would align with your IT strategy.

Building a Hybrid Infrastructure—Priorities for 2017

By Keith Townsend As technologies take new shapes and evolve, so must the IT department and its approach to company infrastructures. The push for companies to become software-focused increases the burden on the data center. There are critical technologies that could help support the transformation.

IT Networking 2017: The Top Jobs and Skills

By Ann Bednarz Opportunity in the IT sector continues to grow, and it looks like 2017 will be no exception. Networking in particular can be a lucrative field—the low end of the 2017 salary range for a network architect is $125,000—and what’s more, employers are more willing to negotiate pay rates for these in-demand positions.

Cloud Computing and Applications

By Bernard Golden Few technologies are having a greater impact on IT than cloud computing. The cloud is changing everything from the foundations of the field to data storage to customer interactions, and another layer it affects is applications.

Could Social Intranet Boost Productivity at Your Company?

Strong companywide communication helps to boost productivity, flexibility, and collaboration, and having a social intranet structure in place can help aid this communication. One company may have a cost-effective solution for the IT department looking to provide this service to its organization.

The Cloud as Backup—Best Practices

by Mary Shacklett The cloud has taken over—but how and why you use it depends on your company’s unique needs and infrastructure. If using the cloud for backup and disaster recovery (DR) services fits your needs, there are a few best practices to follow.