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IT’s influence and responsibilities extend way beyond the company network. Telephony planning and management, video conferencing, copiers, printers, offsite equipment at multiple facilities, and even door locks or small construction projects—the list is a long one. We provide practical advice for wearing all these different hats effectively and safely.

Saving Money with Microgrids

The IT department is always looking for ways to shift company infrastructure in order to save the business money. Microgrids and other related renewable energy projects can help organizations cut their energy costs and fix aging infrastructure.

Virtual Phone Systems Cut Costs

By Brandon Vigliarolo The company website may get all the attention, but phone systems continue to be an important customer-facing element of business. Thanks to virtual phone systems, it’s no longer cost-prohibitive to put a professional-caliber system in place, which makes them appealing to small and large businesses alike.

Conference Call Services for Your Company

By Ed Tittel and Kim Lindros While landlines may seem to be fading into history, the telephony at your organization is still important. This is especially true of conference calls, which are still used across all levels of most companies. There are a lot of services to choose from, designed for all budgets.