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You know what we’re talking about. “Problem Exists Between Chair and Keyboard.” Here you can find tips on how to effectively deal with less tech-savvy employees at your organization and the user errors that seem to follow them around, along with humorous stories and fun articles for IT professionals.

Cartoons to Tickle IT’s Funny Bone

With its unforgiving boom-and-bust cycles, skills that go stale overnight, and outsourcing (among other things), IT careers can be difficult. It’s important to keep a sense of humor.

Ransomware Demands High Score, Not Bitcoins

Ransomware has become quite the scourge for cybersecurity pros. One new form of ransomware isn’t asking for bitcoins, though; instead, it’s demanding that its victims reach a ridiculously high score in an anime-style shooter game.

Apparently HPE Thinks IT Guys Are Sad, Negative Robots

While it’s meant to be funny, a new ad campaign from Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) may ruffle a few IT guys’ feathers. The campaign suggests that HPE’s services can actually make IT personnel popular—because apparently, most of the time, they aren’t.

Weird Wearables

It’s OK to be into gadgetry, but the onslaught of wearables with sometimes dubious benefits is enough to make even the most enthusiastic of techies shake their heads. If you really want a wristband that will shock you to break you of bad habits, no one will stop you—but for most of us, these wearables […]

Tech Support Scammers Get Scammed

By Kate Cox Many people have experienced the fake tech support call, and while some may fall for them, most simply hang up and shake their heads. However, one tech scammer made the mistake of calling a tech expert—and the tech expert responded by keeping the would-be scammer on the line for two hours.

The New AI Frontier: Texas Hold’em

By Thor Olavsrud In the battle of man vs. machine, heads-up no-limit Texas hold’em may be the next new frontier. Artificial intelligence (AI), developed by a Carnegie Mellon University professor and a PhD student, is taking on four of the top pros in the world to show that AI can master games of imperfect information.

People Hurting Themselves (Literally) with Computers and Video Games

By Bob Brown It happens. While technology has the potential to help us immensely in our day-to-day lives, every so often it can come back to harm us, sometimes physically. Some of these injuries resulted from frustration, while others were simply a matter of sitting, standing, or even sleeping in the wrong place at the […]

The ‘Magic’ of IT

By Michael Czaplinski Of course, every IT professional knows that what they do isn’t really magic, but magical thinking tends to be very common among the computer users that IT is called upon to assist every day. Read on for some musings from a veteran IT professional who has seen his share of computer crises.

In Case You Were Wondering, Here’s How to Shoot Down a Drone

By Mike Elgan There are now an enormous number of consumer drones flying around in the sky, and a backlash has long been brewing. While antidrone technology started out as expensive military equipment (much like drones themselves), the tech is now becoming more widely available for your average, everyday drone hunter.

Driverless Cars Will Get Bullied

By Russ Mitchell The interest in self-driving cars seems to fluctuate wildly, and the CEO of Mercedes-Benz USA says he knows why. It’s not the technology, the market, or even insurance or liability issues, he claims. He says the biggest issue will be humans, and specifically that they will bully driverless cars they encounter out […]