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You know what we’re talking about. “Problem Exists Between Chair and Keyboard.” Here you can find tips on how to effectively deal with less tech-savvy employees at your organization and the user errors that seem to follow them around, along with humorous stories and fun articles for IT professionals.

Worst. Tech Gift. Ever.

By Mark Hachman Last-minute holiday shopping is in full swing, and as the desperation increases among shoppers, so does the potential for truly terrible tech gifts. It’s not worth saving a few bucks—take a look at this list of poorly conceived technology-related gift items, and then avoid them at all costs.

The Worst Kind of Cybersecurity People

By Josh Fruhlinger The worst sort of PEBCAKs are the ones who are constantly putting company data at risk. You know the types; they’re always falling for phishing scams, they love their passwords to be easy to remember (and easy to break), and, perhaps most frustrating, they often think that they know better than the […]

Cool Stuff from a 3-D Printer

By Michelle Davidson Let’s take a break from discussing the difficulties of navigating IT strategy or the perils of cybersecurity and remember one of the best things about technology: It’s really cool. 3-D printers in particular can make some amazing things—let’s take a look at some of them.

Thanks to Wi-Fi, You Can Boil Water in Just 11 Hours

By Bonnie Malkin As the old saying goes, “a watched pot never boils.” An English data specialist must have spent a long time watching his Wi-Fi kettle then, as he ended up spending an entire day—11 hours, to be exact—trying to get the appliance to boil water for a cup of tea.

Woman Sues Over Parents’ Facebook Photos

By Derek Scally When you were a teenager, did you ever wish you had legal recourse against your parents when they embarrassed you? One young woman in Austria is taking her parents to court over their Facebook photos, which chronicled every stage in her life in intimate and embarrassing detail.

Bossy’s Privacy Is a Priority

By Camila Domonoske In our digital world, privacy has become a top concern for technology professionals and consumers alike. It’s good to know, then, that even the privacy of cows is being taken seriously by Google—a Street View® image from last year blurred the face of a bovine that was caught grazing on camera.

Phone Scammer Gets Slapped with Ransomware

By Darren Pauli Ransomware is a thorn in the side of cybersecurity professionals, but in at least one instance, its use feels somehow justified. When tech support scammers tried to take advantage of his parents, a malware analyst called them back—and with a little social engineering, got them to download Locky.

Put down Your Cell Phone, Pick up Your Beer!

By NPR That’s what the owner of a British bar wants his patrons to do. After noticing what he deemed to be a diminishing social scene thanks to encroaching smartphone technology, one pub owner took matters into his own hands with some tin foil and copper wire mesh.

Are Annoying Coworkers Killing Your Productivity?

By Sharon Florentine Annoying coworkers can be more than just, well, annoying. They can also hinder productivity, having a direct effect on the bottom line. While you may try to dismiss it as just something that gets on your nerves, you shouldn’t suffer in silence. Instead, address the situation as best you can.

Managing Risky Tech Habits

By Mary Shacklett IT professionals are very familiar with their end users’ capacity for risky habits. It’s almost a given that at least one or two people at the company will circumvent the IT department’s governance and best practices—but there are ways to effectively manage the risk.