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You know what we’re talking about. “Problem Exists Between Chair and Keyboard.” Here you can find tips on how to effectively deal with less tech-savvy employees at your organization and the user errors that seem to follow them around, along with humorous stories and fun articles for IT professionals.

Terms of Service Don’t Apply in Zombie Apocalypse

by David Goldman We’re all familiar with boring, wordy terms of service. However, a new set of game development tools from Amazon has some very unique terms. It specifies that the tools should not be used for life- or safety-critical systems … except in the event of a zombie apocalypse.

IT’s Four-Legged Friends

by Leslie Gornstein Not all companies are dog-friendly, but there are many workplaces where meetings are crashed by “employees” who are on the furrier side. Take a break out of your day and check out this slideshow of IT’s best friends.

Some Guy Bought the Google Domain for 12 Bucks. Seriously.

by Chris Isidore is one of the most valuable domains on the Internet, so it’s more than a little surprising that an ordinary man mistakenly bought the domain for $12. Even Google admits that the purchaser owned the domain—very temporarily. We’re sure the first question on your mind is how much Google paid to […]