Category: Security Hardware and Technology

The tools of the security trade are advancing at an extraordinary pace. We take a look at the latest security hardware and software, from malware and cyberattack detection to cameras to motion sensors. These articles will help you determine what gadgets may be best for your security strategy—and what will fit your budget.

ICS Robot Protection

Researchers Create Robot to Help Protect Industrial Control Systems

Every year, more and more industrial devices come online, creating a tempting target for cybercriminals. Many of these devices were never initially meant to connect to the broader Internet or run outdated, unpatched software, making them a liability in addition to a tool to increase productivity. A team of researchers from the Georgia Institute of […]

Shooting down a drone

Blaster-Like Device Will (Safely) Shoot Down a Drone

In a relatively short period time, drones have evolved from an interesting tech hobby into a growing nuisance and further into a legitimately serious security concern. A new device that looks like a weapon out of science fiction uses electromagnetic signals to quickly and safely knock drones out of the sky.


CES Offers a Glimpse into Security’s Future

Following the start of the New Year, every January, close to two hundred thousand people came to the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Nevada, to see the latest and greatest in consumer electronics. The wide array of groundbreaking technologies introduced indicates a more connected life to come.