Category: Security Hardware and Technology

The tools of the security trade are advancing at an extraordinary pace. We take a look at the latest security hardware and software, from malware and cyberattack detection to cameras to motion sensors. These articles will help you determine what gadgets may be best for your security strategy—and what will fit your budget.

Keeping Up with Security Equipment Repairs

Maintenance on security equipment can get ignored until those devices fail—and often under the worst circumstances. It’s critical to schedule maintenance and stay vigilant for any needed inspections, adjustments, or repairs, even on newly installed equipment.

Google’s Titan Security Key Now Widely Available

You may remember a news item that made the rounds a little more than a month ago about Google prevented phishing attacks on its more than 85,000 employees by changing how they deployed two-factor authentication (2FA). Rather than relying on one-time codes sent via text or through an authenticator app, they began requiring employees to […]

Mounted Security camera

Security Cameras Capture the Darndest Things

A properly functioning security system is all but required in this day and age. They’re always on, ready to record any threats to your workforce, property, or other essential organizational assets. Sometimes, though, they are there to witness the best (or worst) of humanity’s “hold my beer” moments. All you need to do is head […]