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The smart IT leader is constantly ensuring that systems and plans support the company’s overall strategy. How can you align your IT department with the business, stay involved with direction and decisions at the executive level, and ensure IT at your organization is respected as a vital asset?

Survey: IT Pros Say Automation Is Necessary for Transformation

IT leaders are embracing automation, saying that it is absolutely necessary for digital transformation. They believe in automation so much, in fact, that nearly three-quarters of them say that businesses that fail to automate will fail within 10 years.

The Cloud and Your Company’s E-Mail

Companies everywhere are making the transition from on-premises servers to cloud-based e-mail services. This switch is an opportunity for IT leaders to tighten their security controls.

Do’s and Don’ts of E-Mail Communication

Developing the right habits is important to success in leadership, and writing effective e-mail messages can take some practice. Here are some best practices for good communication along with several missteps that should be avoided.

Emotional Intelligence Drives Project Success

Emotional intelligence is more than just the ability to demonstrate emotions, but it also includes the capability to empathize with others and make decisions based on multiple levels of awareness. It is key to managing successful projects.

Cloud or On-Premises—Which Is Right for You?

Every IT leader must determine which of their company’s applications or processes work in the cloud vs. on-premises. However, the process to make this determination doesn’t yield the same results for everyone.

IT’s Identity Crisis

With perceptions of IT’s value and its status within an organization in constant flux, it can be difficult for IT leaders stay relevant. See how one IT executive navigated these tricky waters wherein technology’s role in business is often contradictory.

How to Educate the CEO About Big Data

Whenever IT has a big project to complete, it often comes with required executive approvals. However, CEOs (and other managers) are more likely to give the green light to projects they understand. Here’s how to bring them up to speed on data projects.

Making It to the C-Suite

Getting a seat at the boardroom table isn’t the goal of every IT or technology leader, but there’s no reason you can’t make it happen if it’s your goal. C-level executives working in technology have several qualities in common—do you have them?

IT Employment Contracts: Watch Your Step

IT employment contracts are not uncommon, and the IT industry in particular can be rife with various “gotcha” clauses in contracts. An attorney provides advice on how to successfully navigate these contracts and protect your career in the process.

Facilitating More Productive Meetings

Meetings are an inevitable reality of the workplace. However, sometimes is feels like they are too frequent and too long to really be productive. Here’s how to make project meetings work for you.