Category: Strategy

The smart IT leader is constantly ensuring that systems and plans support the company’s overall strategy. How can you align your IT department with the business, stay involved with direction and decisions at the executive level, and ensure IT at your organization is respected as a vital asset?

Without Metrics, Digital Won’t Truly Take Off

CEOs know (hopefully) that they must accelerate digital strategies in order to foster growth. But it’s not going to happen if CEOs don’t lean on their IT leaders to understand metrics on what digital strategies could mean for their business.

Finding Leadership Skills in New Hires

Hiring is always a challenge. The best worker isn’t always the best leader, and leaders aren’t always where you’d expect to find them. Here are a few tips for identifying and hiring the right leadership-oriented candidates.

Cloud Migration Pitfalls

As with any major technology initiative, migrating the cloud can be hugely advantageous—but not without its pitfalls. Not analyzing your apps, your business, and your costs can be a major mistake that will lead to huge cloud headaches.

Making Telecommuting Work

Telecommuting is a popular trend that can benefit both the organization and its remote workers. However, in order for a telecommuting program to succeed, the people, operations, and strategic issues must be addressed proactively.

Deliver Maximum IT Value

Every IT leader’s goal is to optimize the value of the service the IT department provides to the business, its employees, and its customers. In order to maximize value, IT needs to ask itself some questions—and use the right language.

Eliminate Shadow IT Once and for All

Shadow IT has been a thorn in the IT department’s side for a long time. However, one writer claims to have a strategy for eliminating enterprise shadow IT. Don’t try to find shadow IT and then govern it—instead, out-compete it.

Should Software Run Your Business?

According to one tech writer, the answer is yes … Sometimes. The fact is that your company’s processes and operations may not work the way your software wants them to. So, the question for IT leaders is which needs to change: your business or your software?

Innovation in a Data-Driven Culture

Data is now the fuel that drives most of our economy and business transactions. Fostering a data-driven culture will not only help the business succeed but will also drive improvements in innovation.

Dodging Big Data Failures

Big data can be complicated, but that doesn’t mean your next project is doomed to failure. There are ways that project managers working with big data can greatly improve their odds of success.

Set Expectations to Ensure IT Transaction Success

Like most other business initiatives, IT transaction success begins with setting and maintaining good expectations, from the very earliest discussions about an initiative through to its ultimate completion.