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The smart IT leader is constantly ensuring that systems and plans support the company’s overall strategy. How can you align your IT department with the business, stay involved with direction and decisions at the executive level, and ensure IT at your organization is respected as a vital asset?

Companies in Hypergrowth Need Nimble CIOs

by Mary K. Pratt Being an IT leader is a constant balancing act between the nuts and bolts of systems and the overall strategy of the organization. It’s even more demanding when the company is in hypergrowth mode. Here’s how CIOs at a quickly-growing company can take steps to not merely survive but to thrive.

The Global-Minded IT Leader

by Mary Shacklett IT has become a worldwide, interconnected endeavor, necessitating the cooperation of a diverse array of people and assets. To be more globally minded, it helps to understand the languages, systems, and cultures of those with whom you do business.

Making IT a ‘Pocket of Excellence’

The workplace is going through an identity crisis—IT included. On the one hand, leaders often want to cling to traditional mindsets that have helped build powerful businesses. But, there is plenty of evidence showing that this mindset is out of touch with today’s employees. Read on for ways to make your team excellent.

I Before E: When CIOs Become CEOs

by Clint Boulton IT leaders often have the skill sets and the opportunities to become chief executives in the business world—but the move is not without its risks. One CEO who leveraged her IT savvy to take the reins at the top of the C-suite has tips for CIOs interested in taking the same path.

Why Some Employees Hate IT—And How to Fix It

by Sharon Florentine Sometimes the relationship between the IT department and other employees can become a little strained. There are four reasons why employees may have a poor impression of IT, but fortunately, there are ways to correct these perceptions.

IT’s 5-Year Plan

by Sharon Florentine For IT leaders, change is the only constant. Beyond the day-to-day evolution of technology, it’s important to have a strategy to stay relevant in a shifting business world. Where do you see your IT department in 5 years?