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IT professionals are some of the most connected and well-informed employees in the organization. We’re here to help with recent tech news to keep our readers current on trends, options, advantages, disadvantages, and costs. What are your competitors doing? How can IT make the company better?

DevOps: A Too-Secret Weapon

DevOps has shown to bring many benefits to organizations that use it, but there’s just one small problem—most companies still don’t know what it actually is. This is according to new research that suggests that this secret weapon may be a little too secret.

The Decline of the Data Center

The decline of data centers continues unabated as IT leaders and their users are turning to rented servers. Consolidation and moving to the cloud are also huge factors behind changes that are driving data centers out of favor.

Few IT Leaders Are Using AI

For all of the headlines and the rapid growth of the market, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning aren’t making much of a splash with IT leaders. In fact, two-thirds of tech leaders have no plans to implement the technology at their businesses.

Turning Data into Profit

We’ve all heard of big tech companies making a profit off of big data, but your organization doesn’t have to be Google or Facebook in order to make its company data work for the benefit of the business. Read on to see how you can monetize this asset.