Cybersecurity News Roundup

Here are a few recent stories that you may have missed from the realm of cybersecurity over the past few months, with items ranging from the informative to the fascinating to the mildly amusing.

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File Under: Probably Should Have Known Better

Last month, the CEO of one of the largest security companies in the world had his identity stolen. While it’s not entirely clear how his information was acquired by criminals (we would hope, given his occupation, that he didn’t fall for a phishing scheme), the man was briefly declared bankrupt due to the incident.

However, if the theft was a result of hacking, it wouldn’t be the first time that a tech-savvy individual was victimized—remember Mark Zuckerberg’s “dadada” password?

Password Expert: Ignore What I Told You Before … Sorry

In a development reported by multiple outlets, Bill Burr, who is essentially responsible for most of the current password policies you probably hate, now admits that he was “barking up the wrong tree.” Some of these now-outdated policies include the substitution of similar-looking numbers for certain letters (e.g., subbing “1” for “I” or “3” for “E”) and forcing employees to change their passwords every so often.

Avionics Cybersecurity

It seems like almost anything can be hacked these days, from jeeps to baseball teams. What’s to stop hackers from trying to enter the cockpits of military aircraft? The military is taking proactive steps in avionics cybersecurity to prevent it from happening.

Making Policies Work

It can be tough to formulate cybersecurity policies that are effective. But with the constant threats of ransomware and other malicious cyberattacks on the rise, you can’t afford not to have one. Here are 9 tips for creating a policy that will work for your employees, not against them.