Don’t Let Overconfidence Be the Flaw in Your Cybersecurity Strategy

by Warwick Ashford

Most IT pros in the United States are confident in key security controls to detect cyberattacks—in fact, they may be a little too confident. New research shows that there is a certain amount of doubt behind this cybersecurity confidence, and IT leaders need to take heed.

Warwick Ashford writes, “IT professionals in the U.S. are overconfident in their ability to detect a data breach, a study of more than 760 IT professionals across four industry sectors revealed.

“Most respondents expressed high levels of confidence in seven key security controls required to detect cyber-attacks on endpoints—but many were unsure how long it would take automated tools to discover key indicators of compromise.

“More the two-thirds of those polled on behalf of security firm Tripwire admitted they only had a general idea, were unsure, or did not use automated tools.

“However, regarding how long it would take to detect a configuration change to an endpoint on their organizations’ networks, 71% believed it would happen in minutes or hours.”

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