Pop Quiz: What Do You Know About Workplace Cyber Warfare Threats?

Cyber warfare can be used for all kinds of purposes, not just the hacking of rival nation-states or political parties’ emails. Businesses and financial institutions are all fair game. To protect digital assets, which include proprietary information and sensitive personnel data, employers need to double down in this age of hacking and set up systems to handle possible threats.

Take our quick “True or False” Cyber Warfare Threat quiz to gauge how well you understand the risk of malware attacks. Daniel C. Nelson, Esq., C|EH, CIPP/US, of Armstrong Teasdale, provides 3 short questions to test your knowledge on cyber warfare. To learn more, check out the on-demand webinar “HR’s Necessary Response to Cyber Warfare: How to Safeguard Proprietary, Sensitive, and Confidential Data in the Hacking World of Today.Click here to learn more.