Help Desk Administration

Beyond the Reboot—Providing Better Tech Support

By Ant Pruitt

Automation has helped many business processes, but one area it has hindered is the help desk. Too often tech support functions have become dependent on scripts or robots, and one tech writer suggests that there’s a lot more to this important job than just telling end users to reboot.

Ant Pruitt writes, “Each week we learn more and more about amazing breakthroughs in fields such as augmented reality and robotics. Unfortunately, robotics doesn’t always refer to innovative technology. Sometimes, it describes the way a tech support team responds to user issues—a trend that’s more prevalent than it should be in the modern workplace. IT support has become the bane of existence for many enterprise customers. Why? Today’s tech support increasingly offers a robotic solution, such as fixing a device issue by ‘turning it off and on again.’

“The personality of IT professionals may trend toward a binary way of life, but that’s not always conducive to the world of tech support. Sure, a binary state of mind can sometimes help resolve problems. But understanding core technologies is what really makes supporting hardware and software possible. Gaining knowledge beyond the reboot in IT support can prove to be quite valuable.”

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