Help Desk Administration

Helping Out the Help Desk

By Sarah K. White

Customers and end users are constantly in need of IT assistance, and it can be overwhelming for the help desk. A recent study analyzed nearly 730,000 help desk tickets and found that there were certain overlaps. Knowing the most common reasons for these requests can be helpful to lighten the overall workload.

Sarah K. White writes, “IT help desk tickets can quickly get repetitive with employees needing assistance with the same list of problems day in and day out. But as businesses grow more reliant on technology, the IT department has become a major player in modern business, which means you might need to consider how much time is wasted on troubleshooting these minor IT gripes.

“‘It is critical for IT departments to have the bandwidth to focus on expanding company capabilities and strengthening security vs. being tied up with routine, repeatable and avoidable issues. The burden of balancing company innovation and maintaining data security typically falls squarely on the IT department, leaving little time for unnecessary requests,’ says Nanci Churchill, chief operations officer for Mobi.

“IT departments face more complex ecosystems at work. Employees are no longer tethered to desktop computers; they now have notebooks, tablets and mobile phones. By automating certain tasks, or empowering employees with the knowledge to fix problems themselves, you can free up your valuable IT workers to focus on more strategic projects.”

Read on for 5 ways you can help lighten your IT help desk’s workload.