Help Desk Administration

Helping Users Help Themselves

by Sharon Florentine

It’s always great when users can help themselves without crossing that line into shadow IT. Your IT department can relieve some of its day-to-day pressures via a high-quality, self-service knowledge base search. If users can easily find the information they need, it’s one less thing for everyone to worry about.

Sharon Florentine writes, “Most users want to help themselves, and prefer to try to locate information or instructions they need on their own before calling in backup. IT departments are often the fallback for users when the functionality of knowledge-base search is less than stellar, only adding to the frustration, says Matt Riley, CEO and cofounder of Swiftype, a site search and mobile application search company.”

Riley is quoted as saying, “Users have really high expectations about what they should be able to do and find using a search box. Sites like Google, Facebook, and Amazon have taken site search to the next level, and now users expect to be able to type a few words into the box and find exactly what they’re looking for.”

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