Infographic: Facing the Threat of Workplace Violence

Though many recent incidents of workplace violence have occurred in the public eye, there are still far too many that we do not hear about. This infographic, created by the Safety Management Program at Eastern Kentucky University provides a solid overview of recent statistics, potential warning signs, and outlines some preventative actions.

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Infographic: Tax Season Brings More than Stress Each Year

It’s January, and soon enough every working American should be receiving their physical or digital copies of their W-2 or 1099 forms from their employers or contractors. While this provides you with plenty of time to prepare your mid-April filing, it also gives cybercriminals and fraudsters enough time to get their hands on your personal […]

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Infographic: Do Americans Care About Password Security

The majority of Americans have experienced some type of data breach in their life. How are these real-life run-ins with cybersecurity affecting the way we operate in our own digital lives? To answer this question, Varonis took a closer look at the password security habits of 1,000 Americans.

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Hackers Target Online Retailers Throughout Holiday Season

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are great days to doe some shopping on line for huge deals on sought after gifts for the holidays. They’re also great for hackers looking to profit from the lax cybersecurity practices of many online retailers. And it doesn’t stop there. There’s been a year-over-year increase in cyberattack attempts throughout […]

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Infographic: Building Strong Passwords

Password security is easy, though over the years we’ve been given so many conflicting accounts of what makes a password secure that it’s hard to remember what steps you’re supposed to take. This infographic from ESET walks through 8 steps the employees in your organization can take to create a strong password to protect all […]

Infographic: Staying Secure While Migrating to the Cloud

Cloud services have come a long way since hitting the marketplace and businesses of all sizes have taken notice, shifting some (if not all) of their needs to cloud-based software, platform, or infrastructure services. There are many reasons you may not have migrated yet, but there are a couple of major reasons folks hesitate: general […]

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It’s the Most Wonderful Time…For Online Shopping at Work

This time of year is always a bit hectic. While your company gears up for its own holiday gatherings, not to mention everything else happening at year end, your employees are getting distracted by the impact of the holidays on their personal lives. Many workers have taken some of that pressure off by doing some […]

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Infographic: Importance of Virtual Patching

Even as cybersecurity solutions improve, hackers and cybercriminals are constantly trying to get and stay ahead of the measures put in place to stop them. Zero-day exploits are the new(ish) frontier in this ongoing battle, and attacks directed at them are increasing being used to strike businesses. All it takes is a single vulnerable end […]

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Infographic: Bridging the Cybersecurity Talent Gap

Ask any CEO or CISO and they’ll confirm the headlines: the demand for qualified cybersecurity professionals far out-weighs the supply. So much so that many business leaders say that finding the necessary talent to secure their data and infrastructure represents one of the biggest challenges facing their organizations. This infographic from Digital Guardian takes an […]