Have You Automated Your Network Yet?

By Ryan Francis

If not, maybe you should. There is evidence that by implementing automation tools and practices, your networks can better withstand modern workloads, provide a new level dynamism and speed, and cut costs. Take a look and see if this course of action would align with your IT strategy.

Ryan Francis writes, “There’s no doubt about it, networks are becoming increasingly complex, and between connecting to high-powered data centers, spinning up cloud deployments and ensuring constant connectivity—all while keeping costs down—IT teams are feeling the pressure. So, how can they do it all, do it well and keep within a tight budget? Automation ….

“New, industry-changing technologies seem to emerge constantly, and to stay competitive, enterprises must quickly fold these technologies into their business. But this is no easy task; most enterprise networks are incredibly complex environments spread across multiple geographies and cloud deployments. Automation can address this challenge by accelerating the provisioning process, allowing enterprises to benefit from new technologies sooner.”

View the slide show of all five reasons to automate your network.