Could Social Intranet Boost Productivity at Your Company?

Strong companywide communication helps to boost productivity, flexibility, and collaboration, and having a social intranet structure in place can help aid this communication. One company may have a cost-effective solution for the IT department looking to provide this service to its organization.

According to its press release, Incentive, a leading provider of a complete social intranet for midmarket organizations and enterprise teams, announced its new freemium pricing model with the launch of “Incentive 4,” the new product version that makes document and file collaboration easier than ever. With the free version, Incentive now powers team collaboration for free for up to 15 users. Larger teams can get the “Professional” package for just $9 per user per month, which includes additional and enhanced capabilities with everything employees need to communicate better, effectively work together, and be more productive.

In a survey by Google Apps for Work, an overwhelming 73 percent of respondents agreed that their organizations would be more successful if employees were able to work in more flexible and collaborative ways. Additionally, the survey found that a culture of collaboration goes hand-in-hand with higher employee morale and job satisfaction. Furthermore, respondents agreed investing in technology has the biggest impact on collaboration.

Incentive combines all the features teams need to be more efficient, capture individual and collective knowledge, and collaborate within a single secure platform. With everything in one central location and deeply integrated, employees save time spent switching between multiple services—no more going back and forth from one app to another.

“With this new product release, we want to end once and for all the problem with point solutions for collaboration,” said Rickard Hansson, CEO and founder of Incentive. “Bouncing around between different services is killing productivity, and managing and paying for so many different subscriptions is costly for businesses. Incentive offers all of these services—chat, document collaboration, task management, file sharing, etc.—in a single platform for a nominal monthly fee. As businesses become more flexible, fast-paced, and connected, Incentive provides a new, collaborative way for employees to communicate and work together.”

The new capabilities in Incentive 4 that help improve collaboration include:

  • Document collaboration. With documents and files as the focal point, Incentive 4 makes it easier than ever for employees to work together. Simply create a new blog, wiki, photo gallery, poll, meeting notes, task board, or other file within each team’s or project’s space. Employees have the ability to share feedback or edits on each file and can avoid having multiple versions and confusion about which one is the most up-to-date.
  • Real-time communication. Private conversations and chatrooms are now easily retrievable via a side panel. Users can instantly communicate with colleagues—whether privately or in a group—while looking at a document, image, task, or any other file in the main window. Employees can easily switch from private messages to a group chatroom, and they can see who’s online.
  • Task management. Now, users can add tasks for themselves or others on the side panel of any asset they are working on or viewing—wiki, document, photo, etc. With tasks connected to anything within Incentive—from people to projects to individual documents, files, and messages—users can find what they need simply and intuitively. Tasks can also be prioritized by dragging them up or down, and users can conveniently see all their tasks on the start page.
  • Events. A brand-new feature, users can now manage meetings and can brainstorm sessions, tradeshows, and other events. Users can schedule and edit event details, RSVP, add attachments, make comments, or see the list of attendees. With this new feature, employees can easily find events relevant to their projects or interests, promoting cross-team collaboration.
  • Enhanced user experience. The new look and feel lets users quickly and conveniently see what they’re working on or interested in and are fully customizable to each business’ brand. A new side panel features all conversations about a document so employees can easily share it with other people, work on edits, discuss strategy, or simply send a thumbs-up emoji. Side panels and menus can easily be hidden to skip information that is not relevant to a user or to avoid unnecessary distractions.

All new features are also available on the Incentive mobile apps for iOS and Android and on desktop apps for Mac, Windows, and Chrome. The apps give users the full experience of Incentive regardless of location, enabling real-time collaboration and greater productivity.

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About Incentive
Incentive is a leading provider of a complete social intranet for midmarket organizations and enterprise teams that want to achieve improved profitability, increased efficiency, and accelerated business results. With an easy-to-use interface, Incentive’s platform enables businesses to capture, collaborate, and secure knowledge all in one place by tapping the power of their employees—the collective brain trust—to be better, stronger, and faster than their competitors. Incentive enables users to take advantage of existing workflow apps, storage systems, and document management tools such as SharePoint in one central location, with single sign-on and intelligent search. Its features include wikis, blogs, microblogging, document collaboration, file sharing, instant messaging, video conversations, social behavior user experience, and API-based platform for app development. Founded in 2008, Incentive has helped thousands of customers worldwide accelerate positive business outcomes through improved collaboration and communication. The company has headquarters in Los Angeles and Malmo, Sweden.