The Cloud as Backup—Best Practices

by Mary Shacklett

The cloud has taken over—but how and why you use it depends on your company’s unique needs and infrastructure. If using the cloud for backup and disaster recovery (DR) services fits your needs, there are a few best practices to follow.

Mary Shacklett writes, “More and more organizations are either using or considering using cloud services as a backup for their data and applications. After all, it’s cheaper than building a new data center or purchasing more equipment. However, going to the cloud for backup and [DR] is not necessarily a slam-dunk.”

Here are a few of Shacklett’s 10 best practices:

  • Back up and store seldom-used data on the cloud.
  • Small businesses: Consider the cloud your primary backup site.
  • Larger businesses: Use the cloud as a secondary backup and failover platform.
  • Carefully review cloud governance.

For the full detailed list of best practices, continue reading.