Virtual Phone Systems Cut Costs

By Brandon Vigliarolo

The company website may get all the attention, but phone systems continue to be an important customer-facing element of business. Thanks to virtual phone systems, it’s no longer cost-prohibitive to put a professional-caliber system in place, which makes them appealing to small and large businesses alike.

Brandon Vigliarolo writes, “A business phone system used to involve a switch that routed the calls, software to manage numbers, and a telecom professional to keep everything working. Now we live in an age of virtualization, and phone systems are just one more element of infrastructure that’s moving into the cloud.

“The success of a new business doesn’t always hinge on a quality product or exceptional service: sometimes all it takes to kill an entrepreneurial endeavor is bad infrastructure. Calling a business that gets picked up on someone’s personal phone, for example, looks startlingly unprofessional.

“If you’re using your smartphone for business you may pick up a call without identifying yourself, your voicemail message might not mention work, or someone might call you needing to speak to someone else at your company. All of these problems are solved by a business phone system, but it’s hard to justify the cost if you only have a few employees or a lack of physical office space.

“Thankfully the cloud is here, and it’s a major boon for small businesses. Servers disappear into the cloud, costs shrink, tech employees are abstracted away, and business phone systems no longer need to physically exist.”

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