Apparently HPE Thinks IT Guys Are Sad, Negative Robots

While it’s meant to be funny, a new ad campaign from Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) may ruffle a few IT guys’ feathers. The campaign suggests that HPE’s services can actually make IT personnel popular—because apparently, most of the time, they aren’t.

Chris Matyszczyk writes, “They’re miserable creatures.

“They crawl around the office—when they can get away from the video games they’re playing—and say ‘no’ to everyone who asks them a question.

“‘What if we pull customer insights from the data in real time?’ asks an important person. ‘Nah,’ burps the IT guy.

“‘What if you got yourself a lover for once in your life?’ asks another important person. ‘No way,’ mutters the IT guy.

“Actually, that last question was my own. The one before it comes from a new campaign emitted by [HPE]. It wants to change the image of IT personnel who just say ‘no.’

“HPE wants to turn them into something every corporation appreciates: Yes Men. Oddly enough, in the two ads produced, the IT personnel are, indeed, both men. Of a sort.”

Read on for the full article and to watch the ads in question.