Cartoons to Tickle IT’s Funny Bone

With its unforgiving boom-and-bust cycles, skills that go stale overnight, and outsourcing (among other things), IT careers can be difficult. It’s important to keep a sense of humor.

John Klossner and Bob Rawson write, “People in other walks of life may tend to think that tech careers are all about high salaries, signing bonuses, flexible schedules and state-of-the-art offices boasting beanbag chairs, Ping-Pong tables, espresso makers and unlimited artisanal snacks.

“But hardworking IT pros know otherwise.

“Life in IT can be a pressure cooker, where salaries and job opportunities soar and nosedive at the whim of boom-and-bust cycles, today’s hot skill is tomorrow’s career albatross, and the specter of outsourcing looms over every seemingly secure job.

“We’ve covered all the ups and downs of the IT labor market in our first 50 years, and life on the job has certainly provided our editorial cartoonist, John Klossner, with plenty of ideas. Enjoy this look back at how things have (and haven’t) changed over the years.”

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