In Case You Were Wondering, Here’s How to Shoot Down a Drone

By Mike Elgan

There are now an enormous number of consumer drones flying around in the sky, and a backlash has long been brewing. While antidrone technology started out as expensive military equipment (much like drones themselves), the tech is now becoming more widely available for your average, everyday drone hunter.

Mike Elgan writes, “Consumer drones are gaining air superiority over our homes, schools, beaches and parks. Not everyone is thrilled. Get ready for the backlash.

“An entire anti-drone industry is emerging that will arm anti-drone people with anti-drone technology. These new tools will enable drone detection, tracking, identification, disabling, and even hacking and hijacking the drones as they fly.

“This burgeoning industry didn’t just fall from the sky. Like so many of our favorite tech gadgets, anti-drone devices will be consumerized versions of professional military and industrial gear.”

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