Weird Wearables

It’s OK to be into gadgetry, but the onslaught of wearables with sometimes dubious benefits is enough to make even the most enthusiastic of techies shake their heads. If you really want a wristband that will shock you to break you of bad habits, no one will stop you—but for most of us, these wearables are just weird.

James A. Martin writes, “Are you feeling worn out by wearables? Can’t stand the thought of strapping yet another heart-rate-sensing, step-counting, sleep-tracking watch around your wrist? I feel your pain. As someone who frequently reviews activity trackers, I don’t often see bold new features in mainstream devices. But if you look closely at small startups around the globe, you’ll start to notice some cool, slightly crazy, definitely out-there devices that go far beyond counting steps. Some of the claims these device developers make will likely make your eyes roll.”

Some of the weird wearables noted by Martin include:

  • Mood alternator
  • A wearable that tells you when you’re drunk
  • Antipollution scarf

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