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Worksite Risk Assessment Checklist

In a world where workplace violence has become more prevalent than ever before, employers must remain vigilant about protecting their workforce. The key to preventing workplace violence begins with proper preparation. Employers must continually assess all potential risks and ensure escape opportunities are made available if employees fall victim to a workplace violence incident.

Insider Report: Prevention and Response Strategies to Effectively Protect Your Workforce

As employers and Americans, we are in the midst of a devastating trend. Active shooter incidents are increasing, with the greatest percentage occurring in commercial settings as reported by the FBI. When a gunman opens fire, statistical data predicts that on average nearly a dozen people will be injured and at least 3 will be killed. We no longer can be so naïve as to think we are exempt from incidents of workplace violence, given the frequency and severity of mass shootings.

Infographic: 7 Essentials to Strengthen Your Sexual Harassment Prevention Training

Every week, there seems to be a shocking new #MeToo or #TimesUp controversy dominating the headlines. Amid these powerful movements, companies must ensure that they are doing everything in their power to prevent these devestating claims from happening in the first place. Not only will an effective sexual harassment prevention training program protect your employees, but it’ll protect your business from costly lawsuits and devastating public accusations.

How Do You Optimize Security While Minimizing Costs?

This whitepaper, sponsored by ASSA ABLOY, offers a balanced introduction to the pros and cons of wireless electronic access control as a complement to wired systems. It also offers a detailed analysis of the different technologies available, allowing you to better understand and evaluate your options. Download this eBook for insight on: The evolution of […]

5 Tips to Mitigate Campus Security Threats

Our world is full of threats both external and internal. This whitepaper encourages looking at life safety and security measures on your campus from another perspective. Most facilities have addressed access control and the securing of main doors, but those should be measures of last resort. There are steps you can take — some that you may not have considered — to mitigate the threat before it arrives at your front door.

2018 Total Security Salary Guide

The 2018 Total Security Salary Guide is here to help physical and technical security employers and employees understand where they stand in today’s security job market.