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Mixed and Multiple Sites Create Many Security Challenges

A successful business is expanding locations on a regional level and needs surveillance at all its sites. A mini-city, large-scale, master-planned community pops up with its own security challenges. Their needs are met in unique ways.

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La Familia Insurance is a rapidly expanding insurance provider in the state of Texas, serving the Dallas, Fort Worth, and San Antonio metropolitan areas. With recent expansions came new security challenges. Now numbering 40 office locations across Texas, La Familia wants to monitor each office from a central location.

The independent insurance agency focuses on providing affordable and comprehensive insurance services to local families. La Familia is looking for the same in a total surveillance solution to both meet budget requirements and provide top-of-the-line quality. The new video surveillance solution must be scalable to account for additional offices opening. With many offices located in densely populated urban centers, La Familia needs video surveillance cameras capable of capturing wide-angle views both in daylight and at night.

The company chooses Kratos Defense & Security Solutions to install an end-to-end total IDIS system in five office locations in San Antonio; and over 20 are now in progress throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area. At the center of the solution, the 5MP super fisheye cameras provide 360-degree panoramic surveillance across 64 individual views.

Capable of identifying currency denominations during transactions at La Familia offices, they provide additional oversight and peace of mind. The cameras also solve day/night challenges. The complete system includes a full-featured VMS and network video recorders.

“We’re very pleased that our employees and the families we serve can now enjoy greater peace of mind and security at our locations,” said Aly Manji. Chief Technology Officer, La Familia Insurance.

State-of-the-art surveillance technology with after-hours virtual guarding is also at work at Hayden Ferry Lakeside, a 43-acre, master-planned, mixed-use project in downtown Tempe, Arizona. An IDIS-powered system is installed by Scottsdale-based systems integrator ICU to create a comprehensive security solution.

Hayden Ferry Lakeside combines 1.6 million square feet of high-tech offices, residential, retail, restaurants, fitness center, open gathering spaces, and parking garage serving the area’s residences, as well as the general public, businesses, and schools. The number of daily visitors to the property goes well beyond a regular residential community and requires heightened security.

“We have only the highest standards for serving our tenants and visitors and that ranges from workspaces to aesthetics to security,” said Tim Redding, senior building engineer, Hayden Ferry Lakeside.

Hayden Ferry Lakeside partnered with ICU and video monitoring service provider Surveillance Acquisition Response Center to address the full complement of Hayden Ferry Lakeside’s security needs. An IDIS system that includes 5MP 360° super fisheye cameras, network video recorders, and monitoring software is now being utilized both by on-site security teams and off-site virtual guards, enabling detailed documentation of incidents and events.

Since the implementation of the ICU solution went live, Hayden Ferry Lakeside has increased situational awareness, extended the reach and capabilities of its talented security team, and successfully mitigated incidents (or would-be incidents) of trespass, vandalism, improper behavior, and other issues of concern.

The right technology can make an already great security team and environment even better, according to Redding. “With this technology, we are able to identify potential threats more easily and respond quicker than ever before, and that’s essential to meeting our own high standards of performance,” he said.