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Old Equipment Pose a Security Risk? Have Some Fun with It!

Every IT department has some old gear that’s functional, but is built to handle old storage material or can’t handle modern work demands. It can often be a pain to recycle, and, it’s still functional, so why get rid of it? Who knows, maybe someone will need a file stored on a legacy medium. Well, one gentleman Poland has come up with a way to up-cycle old gear, flex his creativity, and, to help us all get ready for the final season of Game of Thrones.

Old Computer Components

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Meet the Floppotron, a musical instrument built out of old hard drives, 2.5″ floppy drives, and a couple of old printers. With it, creator Paweł Zadrożniak has been able to cover a number of songs, though he’s really stepped it up for the inevitable coming of Winter.

Check it out below!