Bring Your Team Together for Project Success

by Moira Alexander

Helming IT projects has its own unique set of rewards and challenges. It’s a given that leaders need to recognize how (and why) their team members impact the overall success of a project—but the trickier aspect is determining what to do to unlock a team’s full potential.

Moira Alexander writes, “People are not machines. They can’t be programmed to simply do as they’re expected. People are complex, dynamic, and intuitive, and they bring education, experience, and emotions to work every day—all of which plays a role in their interactions and contributions. These factors have the potential to make people—employees, consultants, and management alike—either the best assets or the biggest liabilities to any project.

“Who has the greatest impact on projects as a whole?

“The simple answer is everyone (executives/sponsors, vendors, customers, consultants, and especially employees). If any one of these individuals is dissatisfied, the project suffers a loss in terms of participation, productivity, and buy-in. These losses can be tangible or intangible and are not always easily or successfully quantified. The one thing that’s certain is that dissatisfaction will imprint itself on project success or failure in one way or another. This can be through low morale, decreased productivity, conflict, absenteeism, an increase in turnover, and so on. The end result is project teams and companies as a whole operating at greatly reduced competence due to various forms of dysfunction.”

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