Facilitating More Productive Meetings

Meetings are an inevitable reality of the workplace. However, sometimes is feels like they are too frequent and too long to really be productive. Here’s how to make project meetings work for you.

Moira Alexander writes, “Every day, project teams and leaders sit in one or more meetings with vendors, suppliers, sponsors, or other stakeholders. Doesn’t seem like a big deal right? Well, according to statistics put out by Atlassian, it costs U.S. businesses around $37 billion dollars per year due to unnecessary meetings. While many meetings may be frustrating and seem like a waste of time, not all of the time spent talking, facilitating, or listening in meetings needs to be unfruitful.

“Why are so many project meetings necessary? Project meetings are an interwoven part of each stage of project management, and typically cover things like planning, project kick-off, status updates, resourcing, scheduling, quality control, stakeholder management and close-out, among other things. Project meetings are also intended to give attendees a chance to brainstorm, share experiences, resolve issues, strengthen buy-in, and gel teams.

“Strategies to make the best of project meetings. Meetings aren’t always guaranteed to produce great ideas, foster knowledge sharing, offer take-aways, keep things on schedule, or ensure objectives are being met. It takes deliberate effort to establish working strategies that can increase the chances of producing the desired results ….”

Read on for project meeting strategies from top executives.