Making It to the C-Suite

Getting a seat at the boardroom table isn’t the goal of every IT or technology leader, but there’s no reason you can’t make it happen if it’s your goal. C-level executives working in technology have several qualities in common—do you have them?

Alison DeNisco writes, “What does it take to reach the top in the tech industry? Data company Paysa recently examined the backgrounds, educations, and experiences of C-level executives and tech directors to determine how they earned their titles—and their average salary of $229,000.

“About 30% of C-level executives and tech directors have spent more than 20 years in the workforce, Paysa found. And despite ongoing industry efforts to diversify, 80% of C-level positions and tech director positions are held by men.

“In terms of top job specialties, C-level executives list management as their No. 1 knowledge area, followed by leadership, startups, strategy, and software development. Meanwhile, tech directors also list management in the top spot, followed by project management, leadership, integration, and enterprise software.

“C-level executives across the tech industry had varying levels of education and years in the workforce, Paysa found. More than half of executives in software development, hardware development, IT, and other online business sectors held bachelor’s degrees. However, only between 32% and 39% of those in each area held master’s degrees. Between 4% and 12% of C-level professionals held a PhD, with the highest percentage of those individuals working in security and networking.”

Read on for 4 tips to help you make it to the C-suite.